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Hold the Driver, Don’t Hit “The Back Button”! Upgrade Your Game with Premium Access:

Ready to ditch the endless scrolling and unlock a world of open competition bliss? Upgrading to Premium takes your Scottish golfing adventure to the next level, from casual weekend warrior to strategic course conqueror. Let’s tee off on the benefits:

  • Dominate Daily: Forget missed opportunities! See every open competition across Scotland, in one glorious daily feast. 
  • Rule Your Region: Dive into 20 dedicated regional calendars. Master local courses, become a legend in your own fairway, and conquer every green within your domain.
  • Click & Conquer: Seamless booking awaits! Each event links directly to the booking page, so you can say goodbye to tedious navigation and hello to “fore!” in seconds.
  • Skip the Search: Ditch the endless club page hopping. Our premium calendar is your bird’s-eye view, giving you a crystal-clear picture of all daily open competitions.
  • Weekend Warrior Weapon: Visiting Scotland for a golfing getaway? This calendar is your ultimate weapon. Find the perfect weekend competition, every weekend, and make every trip a masterpiece.
  • Monthly Mastermind: Craving a longer golfing odyssey? Plan your month like a pro with our comprehensive monthly view calendar. Unmissable tournaments, guaranteed!
  • Knowledge is Power: Go beyond basic event details. Dive into rich descriptions, course layouts, and competitor insights to strategize like a champion.
  • Local Legend or National Hero: You choose! Whether you want to dominate your region or conquer courses across Scotland, this calendar empowers your every swing.
  • Maximize Your Minutes: Stop wasting precious hours searching for competitions. Maximize your golfing minutes with our efficient, organized calendar.
  • Unlock Your Potential: This isn’t just a calendar, it’s a passport to golfing gloryUnleash your true potential and become the open champion you were always meant to be.

Don’t let another birdie slip away! Upgrade to Premium today and experience the joy of a perfectly planned, perfectly played Scottish golfing adventure.

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Premium Events Calendar £5.99 now.
Membership expires after 1 Year.

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